Kim “fired at” with Teddy!

Finally there she was: the English rocklady Kim Wilde, to convince us she could sing live as well as she does on her records. Already long before the concert started there was a lot of pushing and shoving. The funny support group “Rin Tin Tin” didn’t get a lot of response from the audience in Munich, and already after 25 minutes they made way for the long awaited star. Kim stormed on stage to the sound of one of her first singles, “Water on glass”. She was dressed in black pumps, jeans and t-shirt with a long, white jacket over it. What followed were songs of her newest LP, like “Bladerunner”, “The touch”, “Is it over” and “Suburbs of Moscow”. She also played an unknown title: the very rocky “Money in your hands”. When she put off her jacket, wet from sweating, the audience roared. Kim just started singing “Love blonde” when a teddy hit her on the head. To great approval from the audience she kept singing, while cuddling the bear. Further hits like “Shangri la”, “Kids in America”, “View from a bridge”, and “Chequered love” brought the audience raving. When Kim sat down behind the keyboard herself for the song “Fit In” the room filled with little lights. Already after 75 minutes Kim wanted to leave us, but first there were the encores in the shape of rock staple “Rage to love” and the quieter “Thought it was goodbye”. Kim went into the audience once more, the drummer threw his sticks into the audience. A beautiful evening was over.