Kim has banned her mini from stage

The fact that she wants to put on a special Rock ‘n’ Roll show is clear for Kim Wilde. To reinforce that idea she has packed a few long overcoats in different pastel colours in her luggage.
She decided on the Showaddywaddy-look shortly before the start of the tour: she doesn’t feel a hundred procent well in the short mini skirt she’s worn during television performances and photo sessions. She prefers to wear a little more again.
“I’m not totally hooked on the new Teddy look yet,” says Kim Wilde from behind her hand, “but I will see during my German tour what jacket I will wear, one or the other.”
A week of sunbathing in Monte Carlo was waiting before the tour takes place. She performed at the “Sporting Club” Monaco for a television performance and sang “The second time”, “The Touch” and the newest single from the album “Teases & dares”, “Rage to Love”. For “Rage to Love” Kim recorded a video in London, shortly before the start of the tour, so that there’s enough stuff for the English fans while she’s away.
With her new band, consisting like before of Steve Byrd, Richard Blanchard, Chris North and Steve Shone, Kim pulled back into an empty hall in North London to rehearse from 10am until late at night.
“Only when everything fits, I am happy”, says Kim the perfectionist, who directs her boys firmly. She takes care of light, sound and other technical problems herself and takes no risks…