Kim: “I am hot for Germany”

From March 15 it all starts again for Kim Wilde: she starts her tour around Europe with eight concerts in Germany. Her band has hardly changed: Steve Byrd (guitars) and Richard Blanchard (Sax and keyboards) are joining her once again. Drummer Chris North and bassist Steve Shone are making their debut and already had their first experience during the TV show “Kanguru”.
Kim takes to the stage with more power than ever: her LP “Teases and Dares” and the singles “The second Time” and “The Touch” are doing very well all over Europe.
Kims new record company is currently also starting up the machinery in America. “The second Time”, which is called “Go for it” in the States, has already entered the American charts.
In Germany and Europe Kim is planning a third single, in order to be well powered for the tour.
“You can see that I am wanted everywhere”, Kim enthuses. Even during a short holiday – She flew to the North East coast of Africa with her boyfriend Gary Barnacle shortly after Christmas – she was desperately sought by England’s top television channel BBC. There were even some rumours that missing. “At the time I was just being lazy, sunbathing”, she grinned after returning to England. Kim and Gary just wanted to tune out for a couple of days.
Since the start of February the rehearsals for the tour are running in England. For KIm the holiday was a silence before the storm, because the year 1985 will bring more successes for her, but also more work. She is aiming for more success in America.
And why is Gary not joining her for the tour?
“We agreed that it was better for us to part ways profesionally”, Kim said with a secretive smile which she always has when talking about her private life.
Her programme for the tour contains mostly songs from her album “Teases and Dares”. But oldies like “Kids in America” and “The House of Salome” will also be heard.