Kim on tour: fans stormed the stage

Hamburg, CCH. The first fans are grouping near the entrance already at 6.45pm, although the concert starts at 9. Armed with signature books they come towards Kim, who walks towards her tour bus through the snow dressed in a long red jacket. She calls out to her mother Joyce (leather pants and glitter top) that she is right on time.
The outlook is great, the room is sold out like in all other cities. Will everything that was rehearsed in a studio in London work out?
Two hours later she isn’t sitting there so quietly anymore and she’d prefer to run away. It doesn’t even help that her mother Joyce, father Marty (a famous rockstar in the 50s, who knows about stage fright) and brother Ricky (who writes the songs for Kim together with Marty) are wishing her luck.
Nine o’clock. Bright synth tones, red lights, in white rock’n’roll jacket Kim runs on stage. “Water on Glass”, her first song of the tour, begins with a bang: right and left from the drum kit smoking bombs explode, their mists go into the spotlights, with red, green, blue and purple covering Kim and her band like graffiti.
The fans have waited for this moment. Like they were commanded, the storm towards the stage, until the photographers are helplessly surrounded.
Kim – dressed totally in black under her coloured jacket – has learned a lot since her first Germany tour. Selfassured she walks across the stage, takes hold of the micro during “The Touch”, jumps on the drums during “Words” and sings “Bladerunner” with a clear voice, while saxophone-player Richard Blanshard is grabbing his transverse flute.
During “Love blonde” she balances on an invisible bar, suddenly launching into a furious battle with guitarist Steve Byrd. “Kids in America”, Kim’s last song. She knows she has done it and, fully relaxed, also gets to the last dreamers.