Kim Wilde: a warned businesswoman

Kim Wilde the business woman, it’s an image that not many people know. Still, smartly, she has preferred investing her money in “solids” instead of squandering it on luxury objects. One can be a star and preserve the good means. The example of Kim is the proof…

Kim has always said: “If, one day, I will have money, I will start with buying an apartment. Not a cheap newly built place but somewhere I can find joy of life and where I can have those around whom I love.”
This small nest of which she dreamt, she found it in London. She bought it with the money she earned with the rights of “Kids in America” and “Cambodia”. Then it was devoted to its installation: gradually, with the hazard of its thunderbolts, a piece of furniture here, a fabric or a lamp there. Then, as there remained to him still a tidy sum of money on its banking account of rich girl and celebrates, Kim made the purchase of a car. She is not wild about speed but she did choose a BMW for its comfort and its security. However, she could not benefit a long time from her racing car because some month later, it was stolen from her. It is at this time that it she the decision to become “a businesswoman”. Understand by this: to only buy things that are really useful of which she can really profit.
As it was during this period that she also decided to learn to play keyboards well, Kim didn’t hesitate long to become owner of a recording studio. Insane of all that in particular relates to the new techniques for the electronic sounds, Kim, spends all her free time there.
The studio of recording is located at 30 kilometers to the north of London (more exactly in Knebworth in Hartfordshire), She often arrives there, between two working sessions, to go for a walk in the neighbouring countryside. And when she is touring the world, she entrusts the key of it to her buddies musicians: thus Adam and the Ants recorded their last disc there. “I acquired this studio, acknowledges beautiful Kim, to be free to work there when I want it. Whatever the hour of the day and the night. But when I am not there, I rent it, it is a way for me to mix business with pleasure!” Wise Kim!