Kim Wilde adopts the French look

The time of one second, finally surely more, Kim Wilde, the blonde and pulpy rock’n’roll star English, agreed in a Parisian studio to play the chique and kind mannequin.

About the singer, it should be said that this day Kim had left her own stage clothes in the cloakroom to wear chique dresses, suits and men’s trousers, in short the great number. But, despite everything, Kim has not decided to adopt this new look for the days to come.

So Kim, what has gone into you, what do you do to us there?
(She laughs) I love being a rocker and I love dressing up differently sometimes. In Paris, you have formidable coutouriers, and I should say that since I discovered Jean-Paul Gaultier I completely cracked it. He succeed in combining different styles without tumbling into bad taste. He made me discover sombre colours, like for example black, which I had difficulty in wearing before.

Okay, that suffices, let’s stop talking about clothes because you are a singer, aren’t you? It is a question what you make of the scene in France, finally is it what your record company said to me?
It’s true, I will do three dates in France: March 27 in Montpellier, 28 in Clermont-Ferrand and 29 in Paris at the Zénith. I have seen this hall, it’s really great, I think thing will go really well there. I do have other concerts in Europe, it’s because of that I cannot do more cities in France. And yes, I compose as well, it’s new: you know we do everything with the family. I work more and more in our studio, it’s very nice to work there and to rehearse there before the tour. I am happy to sing in France because it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. My new album is going very well, “Second time” was a success, now i hope that “The Touch” will continue the success.
In super form, the beautiful Kim, I reserve my evening on March 29 in the Zénith, it will surely be great.