Kim Wilde can do magic!

She always looks great, Kim Wilde. You would think she spends hours in front of the mirror. Well, nothing could be further from the truth…!

Kim Wilde is a real nature lover. The 24 year old singer loves the outdoors and never wears makeup in her free time. Still she doesn’t hate a makeup session now and then. “It’s really interesting to see what you can do with makeup”, says Kim, while she’s working on her eyebrows. “You can achieve great effects, I’m always amazed. It’s like magic. It’s a form of art and you can really indulge your creativity. In the old days I always used makeup artists. But I have paid attention and at a certain point I thought: hey, I can do that!

It’s a luxurious feeling to indulge like that. You know, when you’re feeling down it helps to spend some time working on your appearance. You’ll feel better for it.” With a routined gesture the blonde singer brings some colour on to her face. “It’s as if you can face the world better when you look good”, she says. “It’s true that the more time you spend on it, the better it sticks. But the time is often too short”, she sighs. “I wish a day would consist of 48 hours, because I have so many different interests! Anything new and creative fascinates me. I couldn’t care less about makeup when I was younger. Until I had to use it for work and saw that the possibilities are limitless. And you know when I enjoy it the most?”, grins Kim. “When I have just done a rough camper holiday, having to miss all the luxury! Then I really make a feast out of my appearance!”