Kim Wilde: “I need to be noticed”

Kim Wilde, the girl who made a name for herself with the hit ‘Kids in America’ some years ago, has come on a visit to Sweden and played in Stockholm. In conjunction with the show she had a sort of tired meeting with the Swedish press.

Kim has recently started writing songs herself and on the last record, she appears as the composer of two songs. For Kim, it is important to write music.
“I don’t have the world’s most amazing voice, I’m hardly anybody like Aretha Franklin. I think it’s fun to sing but I know I want to do more with songwriting in the future. Previously, I played piano and my playing has become a bit rusty nowadays. I would love to do something that feels meaningful to me and I think I can be good at writing songs.”

Kim’s career has always been strongly linked with father Martin and brother Ricky. “Our cooperation has become better and better especially since I started writing songs too. In the past, I never felt that they needed me, they seemed to get along so well on their own.”

Kim told me that she has always had a need to be noticed: “When I was in school I was very careful to talk about when I was celebrating my birthday. A week before my birthday, I used to write that “the eighteenth is Kim’s birthday” on the blackboard. When I broke through with ‘Kids in America ‘I thought it was really cool. Finally I got all the attention I needed.

Kim Wilde has always had a clear image: “When I did ‘Kids in America’ everyone knew that I was walking around in clothes from second hand shops. Eventually I got tired of jeans and t-shirts. It is not very convenient and Moreover, it must be super dull if one walks around in the same clothes all the time. I think it is fun with clothes and for me is very important to dress myself in a way that suits the music I make. “

In the future, Kim has a new album in the works and she hopes to include more of her own songs on it. It will be recorded during September / October. The disc is scheduled for release just in time for Christmas.