Kim Wilde: scared to death of Dracula

When the clock strikes twelve at night Kim Wilde has to fight her nerves. The English pop singer is always expecting a nasty surprise: a visit by Dracula. She is being stalked for months by a man who calls himself Dracula. One time she looked him right in the face. The man had scary bloodshot eyes. Her fear is so big that she has asked for police protection. They suspect that it is a fan who wants to scare Kim. Recently “Dracula” got past her bodyguards and hidden in the wardrobe. When Kim walked past, tired after a concert, the man suddenly appeared. The hysterical yelling of the blonde singer made him run away again. He disappeared into the darkness. The fear with Kim is now so big that she doesn’t know whether he’s out for her blood. According to myths the real Dracula could be exterminated with garlick, mirrors and crucifixes. Out of precaution Kim takes these along when she’s travelling.