Kim Wilde: the cat-like one

Small blonde mislaid on a scene of rock’n’roll, Kim is wild, semi half divine.
Named “Best female singer” by the British Phonographic Industry in 1983, Kim Wilde accumulates success, critics look at her tenderly with a bit of admiration. The cold face and the soul of a businesswoman, she manages her career aided by her brother Ricky and her father Marty in the way of a professional from hell.

On stage, she’s the best. Catlike until the end of her fingernails, dressed in unwashed jeans, she enchants the crowd with a sensual voice to crack the anti-rock’n’roll of a generation. Between a saxophonist, close to the microphone and the energetic musicians, Kim performs her successes ‘Kids in America’, ‘Cambodia’ and the magnetic ‘The second time’.

With seduction and talent, she inscripts her vocals in the universe of British music. Perfectioning her piano technque, she offers a place in her latest album, the composer for a few titles, and waits for the chance to give her inspiration to another artist.
Where does the attraction of this rising star end? No-one knows, and it’s so much better because one also likes this pretty little face to do some singing…