Kim Wilde: ‘The song of Laurent Voulzy? I like it!… And I’m very flattered!’

We can say everything in a song: sorrows, joys, revolts, desires and also admiration. That’s why Laurent Voulzy decided to dedicate a song to Kim Wilde. Until now, Kim had remained silent about it. Today, talking about this song event, she chose OK!

Kim works on her next album and is confined in a studio near London. She refuses to accept anyone who’s not working on this disc from abroad but has agreed to talk on the phone and tell us this funny adventure with Laurent, whose song – ‘Les nuits sans Kim Wilde’ – made her a nice tribute. This song is also a nod to formalize their brand new friendships.

‘We met for the first time a few months ago on a TV show. We were part of the same edition and someone introduced us. That’s where he told me to be in the process of writing a song about me. I was really flattered and curious to hear this. Which I did shortly after. The text was not yet written but I already loved the melody, needless to say that I could hardly wait before reading the lyric. This is the first time someone wrote a song about me and I find it adorable. And then, little by little, the idea came that I could actually come in for this disc do do backing vocals for example. Then Laurent came to join me in my studio in England. This is where we really got to know one another. The atmosphere was great, super relaxed and I especially remember that we did not stop laughing every morning till midnight. It was I who had the idea of speaking at the end of the song and I think Laurent liked the idea since it is ultimately how it was recorded.

But the story didn’t end with this weekend, because last weekend Kim took the plane to go to Paris to record the video. ‘Everything happens in a very futuristic decor’, she says. ‘Laurent is in a kind of spaceship driven by a robot. His girlfriend makes a scene of jealousy because he says he’s in love with me. As in a dream I appear and I suggest ‘It’s time to go to bed. It’s time to sleep, Laurent…’. For the video, Laurent chose to dress in light beige on a ruffled shirt while I have a very tight time black shirt and white ceintree. It’s simple but also very hyper realistic. I was told that the first broadcast will be on French television on November 29. Unfortunately I will not be there to see it but Laurent has promised to connect his VCR for me that day…