Kim Wilde: “Touring is the best!”

We often talk about the life of artists on tour imagining that they go from cocktails to evenings all more delusional than each other. But is it true? We asked Kim Wilde what she thought about it. She responds frankly.

What do you think of these stories about the artists who, on tour, spend their time fairs and ransacking their hotel rooms?
No but you’re kidding! Apart from the fact that it would not occur to me for a single moment to the idea of ​​damaging anything in a hotel room … I would surely be far too exhausted to find the strength to do it!
The normal routine of our days is as follows: in the morning we get up, we have breakfast and we all find ourselves on the bus that takes us to our destination. Once there, you have to do what is called the “soundcheck”. This involves testing the microphones and instruments. To ensure that the ‘balance’ is perfect. It often takes quite a long time and I must say that it is not funny! Once everything is settled, I go to my hotel to prepare for the show.
This is a typical day, but since they all look the same after a very short time, we have the impression of a robot. In fact, you can never really relax on tour: you are constantly on edge.

Do you have time to eat real meals?
No, frankly. I manage to snack on a small piece during the day. But anyway, I’m too nervous about it to swallow anything thick.

On the road, don’t you sometimes find it difficult to be the only girl?
But no not at all! We are all on a level playing field. Before entering the scene we all chat together. Our conversations often revolve around the same subject: music. At the last moment, we all wish each other “Good luck”, and once on stage we smile at each occasion, which reassures us, gives us the impression of being united.
On stage I experience an incredible sensation. I’m afraid of drowning. I like to speak to the public during the show, in order to “feel” it a little better ….

And after the show?
I demand to be alone for at least five minutes so that I can hang out in my dressing room for a moment, eyes closed. Afterwards, the musicians come to join me and we talk about the show. My band always ends up looking like a station ball.

What gives you this energy?
Even if the routine is a little boring, each show is an adventure. Before, I hated doing the scene, but now I like it! In fact, I’m dying to leave as soon as possible. For me, touring is the best!