Prepare yourself: Kim Wilde is coming!

Kim Wilde in France, as part of a major European tour, this is an event not to be missed. She will be March 27 in Montpellier, Clermont-Ferrand, 28, and Paris, the scene of the Zenith 29. Her latest album, “Teases and dares” is selling very well. Kim was recently here in Paris for a whirlwind trip. For you, Podium wanted to make a quick overview with your fave.

How I came to music?
I always wanted to make music. How it started? Listening to the radio, I guess. Already as a kid, I loved to sing hymns in church. We talked about God, I did not comprehend what I was singing, but I love singing with other children in the choir. I also wrote poems, and once a teenager, I kept a journal. But I wanted to sing. My parents insisted that I do the studies, and they had no difficulty in persuading me. I loved school. I thought I would love to become a teacher. I have not done that since the music worked out, but I could, really!

My look, my clothes?
I find it amazing to have started a trend, to see the girls do their hair and dress like me. Because really, there is no more lazy than I am, in the matter of clothes! Look, I have no clothes, right now, that I really like! I love everything – two or three things – take this little travel bag! When people come to me or I found the fabulous dress I wear, I am amazed! I do not think someone who dresses be amazing. Maybe this is what appeals to young people. It is a little saturated with celebrities and fashion, too pretty fabrics, satin, quality stuff. It’s beautiful, right! But I think that many young people can identify with those who wear them. while qu’avce me, they say: “Ah perfect” … (Laughs). Not to mention the cost of clothing in question!

Why I started to write my songs?
I started it a year ago. I’m not very prolific. In my next album, I hope to write more myself. At first I was a little scared. The first time I recorded one of my texts, I was ill at ease, I wondered if it was not too personal, like a secret, then I listened several times, and I realized that I could do it. Now it is much easier. I do not put my ideas aside, I think about it, and I do it. Already, with my father and brother Ricky, we team at writing. I gave them ideas for lyrics, I intervened. Now I am determined to become a very good songwriter. This is not to free myself from this family collaboration. Anyway, I’ve always been independent character. But it happens that I get to a point where I realized that I do not want to limit my musical career being a singer. I like it, but it is not enough. And I would write for singers I like, like Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Donna Summer …

Composing music?
With the technology available today, it is very easy to take care of herself for music composition, even complicated … I worked the piano, I’m comfortable with keyboards, electronic drums I have a four-track studio. It allows me to get an idea of what I want before working further, seriously, with Ricky in the studio.

Why I have my own recording studio?
It was a necessity. For example, Ricky was a song. We wanted to try it immediately. We called a studio, but it was not open when we wanted. Always this kind of problems … Then I’m told that with the money I had brought ‘Cambodia’, which worked very well, I could create a recording studio, since we really need. It is located in the countryside north of London. I am fully invested in this adventure. Whether to install the kitchen monitor plumbers for central heating or find the idea of setting the reception, the choice of paintings, everything! This is crazy … The studio will be open officially next summer. All is not finished yet, but there are a lot of artists and musicians, already, who are interested in this place.

How I found time to take care also of my apartment?
I never have time, but I found a way to act as if I had! With me, everything is in a style very family, very warm. It is thought in relation to people who are, in relation to their comfort. A large dining table set, a huge sofa. The idea is to be together. I am very fussy about everything.

With music is what is most important to me in life. I like to play squash, swimming, going out with my friends too. Friendship, for me, is essential. If I fail a friend for some time, I think ever, I feel guilty, and I would phone me saying he will be furious, yelling “Where did you go?”. And not at all … he will be happy to hear … is good, because my friends understand that my life has changed, I have less time and I’m not as available. But with true friends, the time does not really matter.

And this tour?
I love touring, and I’m excited to sing before the French public is more receptive than others. The scene is fabulous. It is a way like another to go to the people, to exchange heat with them, to give and receive. Everyone is so lost in her loneliness today. Even if, after the show, everyone returns to their own place, there was this communion.