Raging Wilde

Just six months ago singer Kim Wilde was being ‘relaunched’ by experts in revealing latex tops and slinky leather skirts. Now, with a major American tour beckoning, she’s back in the kind of clothes she likes best – blue denims. She’s designed the new style, what she calls the Teddy Boy look, to go with her latest single, ‘Rage of love’, the kind of raw rock ‘n’ roll number that made her father, Marty, famous in the 50s.

‘I’m pleased with my appearance. It’s me, not a manufactured image. I don’t really like new clothes’, said Kim. ‘Besides, these clothes are very comfortable.’

The sexy Barbarella look which went with her last hit, ‘The Second Time’, just had to go. She needed clothes which would suit her new raunchy ‘live’ sound and allow her freedom on stage. Kim has also been busy toning herself for a hard year on the road. ‘My body is much firmer these days. I’ve been working out with weights, I swim, run and play squash so my body is much better defined than it used to be.’

That’s something to sing about.