Review – Kim Wilde, Stuttgart, Liederhalle

After last year’s flying visit, word had already got around: Wild Kim is not that wild! The 24-year-old has recently tried to get down from the outdated “sweet little sixteen” image and was given a man-killing touch for the video for “The Second Time”. But in the song hall, which is three-quarters full, the former drama student makes it clear that it is still a long way from a well-styled video to a perfect live show.
It is not enough that Kim with her natural charm is still one of the most attractive singers. It just doesn’t fit the easy-care, brilliantly catchy pop songs that the protagonist moves strangely awkwardly like the heroine of a Bonawax advertisement on the stage.
The missing (?) Choreography was unfortunately not made up for by the thrilling music. Sure, Kim’s voice sounds no less appealing live than in the studio – if you hear it! Because that was the problem of the evening. Kim’s fresh girl voice with just the right dose of Nasal Quengel was barely noticeable in the Schepper porridge from Preston Heyman’s drum-boom, Jeff’s shrill keyboards and Richard Blanshard’s weakly squeaking sax. In general, the band, which was said to have practiced for two months before the tour, sounded more like the winning troop of a provincial youth competition.
After Kim went through her new repertoire, a pitiful drum solo (what a revolutionary idea!) Bridged the time until Mrs. Wilde appeared on the boards again. She had exchanged the gray men’s shirt, the bright blue jacket and the black tights for a bright red outfit. With the use of older songs like “Kids in America”, dance movements slowly came into the audience.
Another movement was evident – namely the one towards the exit. Quite a few found the happenings to be so painful that they tried to escape before the end of the event. And when Kim opened the encore round after almost 90 minutes, a small exodus even started.