Review – Lausanne

LAUSANNE – Three thousand eight hundred people in Beaulieu, Tuesday evening, for the coming of the Anglo-Saxon fairy Kim Wilde. After a bland “Guest Group” who tried for half an hour, the blonde Kim enters on stage for the greatest pleasure of a bunch of teenagers in trouble of illusion. One thing is certain: not a bit of originality in her show. The lights, banal as much as possible (yes, we have still deep in my eyes the glow of previous light-shows: Collins and Hallyday), are not always on the beat. The sound system is missing impact, but there, Hall 18 is there for many. The five musicians
have, however, a quite remarkable vitality. The drums, a real metronome, hits the accents of a bass drums without fail. The sax and the aseptic keyboards give a nice answering a guitar quite impressive treble.

In short, devilishly effective musical support. In front of all this little world, there for Kim. What an amazing face! Sweating (it was suffocating hot
in Beaulieu), mane streaming, the child of Albion is surprised: “Am I too old?”
No, madame! We will want some as proof that this stirring ‘Rage to Love’. The problem is not here. Where the shoe pinches a bit, is that this brave Kim does not have much to bring us in her luggage… The voice fishes by superficiality or too little sincerity (depending on …). The “choreography”, chick to die for, inevitably plunges us back in the boredom encountered at the concert from Nena last year. Here are two singers, cute to eat,
certainly, but not surprisingly. The public won over in advance will never have capsized in delirious enthusiasm. The best moments remain:
Kids in America, It is over and Take me tonight.
No big thrill in the bottom kidneys, just like in December 1983. And next year: still nothing to declare?
To be continued in the next episode…