Review – Teases & dares

More than a year has passed since her album “Catch As Catch Can”, and during this time Kim Wilde honed her skills on the keyboards, also wrote her own songs, among which “Fit In” and “Shangri-La” – two romantic songs – are included on the current LP “Teases And Dares”. Otherwise, the new disc is a rock work that is dynamic. The rhythms immediately call for movement. The titles “The Torch”, “Rage To Love” and of course Kim Wilde’s most recent hit, the single “The Second Time”, are particularly striking. Incidentally, Kim Wilde became known in 1981 with the song “Kids in America”. At that time, their music moved between new wave and pop, the family had conceived the trend. Brother Rickie and father Marty wrote titles for them with a great deal of flair, of which the most well-known became the most well-known alongside the debut song “Chequered Love”, “Camodia” and “Love Blonde”.