Riddle of 'missing' singer Kim

Published in
Daily Mirror (UK)
Written by
Gill Pringle

Pop singer Kim Wilde was missing last night, leaving worried TV bosses desperately trying to track her down. Kim, 24, who is due to present a television pop show next week, left a scribbled note to a friend saying simply: 'Gone away'. She is thought to be on holiday somewhere in Africa with her boyfriend, musician Gary Barnacle. Her manager Neil Ferris said: 'She just wanted a holiday, but I'm sure she is all right.'

But BBC executive Don Kirkby said: 'I am extremely worried and baffled by Kim's disappearance.' Producer Pete Hamilton added: 'Kim is scheduled to be guest presenter on the Oxford Road Show next week. We have a lot of things to sort out, and I will have to find a substitute if she does not return soon.'