Star of the month: Kim Wilde. Family business in Rock

In pop history there are many examples of rocking families: the Everly Brothers, the Mamas & the Papas, the Bee Gees, ABBA, Paul and Linda McCartney, but either they don’t exist anymore or they aren’t as successful anymore as the Wilde clan. It consists of rock lady Kim, father Marty who manages her, and brother Ricky. Marty and Ricky also write most of the songs and produced Kim’s latest album “Teases And Dares”. Both men support Kim, which she sometimes needs when the success isn’t as big as it was before.
Kim was discovered by the most successful duo of authors of the late seventies: Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who wrote for Smokie, Racey and Suzi Quatro. Kim Wilde has to thank Chinn and Chapman for the fact that her debut album with the hit single “Kids in America” was such a big success. But a few years later in 1983 there was a pause.
When Kim had a real flop in 1984 with “Dancing in the dark”, she was written off by the press. But she restyled herself for a comeback. With “Not a second time” she convinced even the most doubtful people, that Kim Wilde has talent and endurance and can always deliver a surprise, which is proved even more by the current tour. It’s that which will provide Kim with more success: the fact that she travels from photoshoot to photoshoot and from concert to concert: stress that only a few can sustain.