Stories from Kim Wilde’s tour life: ‘Show us your bum, Kim!’

Ten concerts gave Kim Wilde in March during her tour in Germany and Switzerland, after which the two trucks and the luxury car with Kim and her boys went to Holland and France. They left enthusiastic fans in their wake between Hamburg and Lausanne. What Kim already proved during her tour last year, she restated this time: supported by her strong band Kim shows her true face on stage. She clears away the prejudice of being a beautiful blonde with a few single hits… and how! Kim Wilde live is a total rock show! Pop/Rocky was there during the European tour and wrote down stories from Kim’s tour life. Stories, that the fans have not heard at all. Here they are!

A fan screams: pants down!
Berlin, 19.3.85
“Hello Berlin”, screams Kim into the microphone, “Are you allright?” A thundering “Yeah!” sounds from the hall. A scene that has become ordinary during rock concerts. What the fans don’t expect: despite the thundering sound from the speakers on stage, Kim doesn’t just hear the screaming choirs from fans, but also the individuals who cry out. Kim remembers a funny incident in Berlin: “I was just at the far left corner of the stage, when I suddenly heard someone cry: ‘Show us your bum, Kim!’. I went there and asked what he said. He stood there, in the middle of the crowd. I have showed him my backside, but the jeans stayed on, of course!”

A teddybear steals the show!
Munich, 24.3.85
While Kim retreats behind the speaker boxes, guitarrist Steve starts the song ‘Love blonde’. Kim says: “I should have walked serenely on stage during the intro of ‘Love blonde’. But I barely reached the edge of the stage when a teddybear hit me on the head. I had to laugh out loud, and it was all over for the ‘cool blonde one’, that I should play. But it was a lot of fun.”

Kim’s band members create an atmosphere.
Avoiding stress for Kim while she is touring with a band of men, is being handled by… the men. “The boys in my band are always up to something”, Kim laughs. We’re all crazy when we are together. I am happy to be underway with them, because in every situation there’s something to make fun of.”

Nervous breakdown because of failing milk?
When on tour Kim and her band mostly sleep in the luxury bus while driving from one city to another. “I don’t sleep very well when I’m on the bus, however, because it’s too cramped and too busy”, says Kim. “But besides that the monster is totally okay. We have a video, a bar and even a small 4 track studio in there”. Despite this there are often moments when sparks fly. Kim :”Usually there are these small things, that get on my nerves. When the bus driver forgets to buy milk, I nearly lost my mind. Tea without milk, coffee without milk – I was really angry. A little while later I realised I was acting a bit weird. ‘Kim’, I said to myself, ‘you’re losing your mind over something insignificant. You get a nervous breakdown because there’s no milk! That can’t be true!” I had to laugh about myself. But I believe that everyone has these kind of weird things while they are on tour. They are moments you don’t easily forget!”