Sunny holiday memories from Kim Wilde

“The big advantage of this work is that I have enough possibilities to get out every once in a while. That wasn’t always so in the old days. As a child I had nothing but sad and rainy weekends.” We are happy to see Kim again. Because it was frighteningly quiet around the English hit maker. In the French village of Fréjus Kim did a wonderful comeback gig. “I am rested and want to start again”. A talk about old and recent holidays, the collapsed family dictature and an unexpected letter from a forgotten friend.

Where is daddy?

It’s busy back stage. But we’re told that Kim does have some time to talk with us. The message has just been spoken when the blonde singer comes walking towards us. Dressed in tight jeans and wearing a cowboy hat she looks like Brigitte Bardot in better days. “Hello, how are you”, Kim introduces herself. A few moments later we’re talking together with Kim.
“Wat I’ve done? Well, I just took some vacation. To relax and to think about my future as a singer. I have travelled around the world over the past few months. Spent some time in New York, a city I’ve seen for the first time in my life. It was busy, but I liked it a lot. I especially liked the museums with modern art. And those swinging Italian neighbourhoods, brilliant! New York smells nice too, everything happend on the streets. Eating, dancing and meeting people. To live there? No. I wouldn’t like that. I’d prefer Tunesia.”
What did you do there?
“I mainly ate cous-cous, the local dish in that area. You should try it at home. Tasty and not expensive at all.”
“No, I didn’t used to have such great holidays”, says Kim a few moments later. “My father was in the showbiz then and he had to perform every day. We didn’t have much time for family life. During the summer months I could go along to Blackpool, in the south of England. He had to perform there every day. The afternoons we spent on the beach. Playing with the other kids I once lost my father. Oh, what a disaster. In fear I went to a police man who knew where my daddys hotel was. It was a favourite story during family parties for a long time.”

Finally independent

Kim looks a bit disturbed when we talk about her long absence from the scene. There was no sign of La Wilde in the charts, not in England and not in the rest of the world. “You know I was supported a lot by my brother and father at the start of my career. The songs I did were always theirs and Ricky also did the production. I’d like to change that now. I sit behind the piano more often to compose things myself. It’s not easy, but I am making some progress every day.”
Did you have lack of inspiration?
“No, not at all. Last week I made a song about a lost holiday romance. How did it happen? I received a letter from a boy one day whom I didn’t remember until I thought about it for a while. An Italian guy whom I’d met during a skiing holiday. With such memories I make songs. And who wouldn’t recognise him or herself in such adventures. We’ve all had holiday romances, right? Complete with tears and sadness.”
When will we see you in our country again?
“I am working hard on a new single and it should be a strong one. I wouldn’t even release it otherwise. When that record is successful, we can think of a tour. And a new band, a new show and a new Kim Wilde.”
See you soon!