The third passion of Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde has often been compared to Brigitte Bardot – perhaps because of her eternal pout – to Marilyn Monroe whose blonde, voluptuous forms and yet Kim is unique in its kind. An artist in all acceptance of the term!

She has been in France for some time the beautiful Kim, the Englishwoman with the complexion of rose dear to her country. Always as enigmatic, smiling with difficulty as she sees an objective, she remains distant, obstinately seeking to protect herself from all external aggression.
“Anyway I prefer not to smile at all who have a forced smile!”, she said simply. It is obvious at first glance that the one that we have nicknamed the “baby doll of rock”, for four years of success, has changed a lot. She threw her eternal “leather-black” to the nettles to adopt clothes still sexy, but more modern.
She is currently cracking completely for the creations of Jean-Paul Gaultier, “the man of all daring”, the one who totally metamorphosed our national Sheila.
Apart from the men she confesses to collect, and the music that is her only love, she has two great passions: shoes and clothes! “I buy them by dozens, my apartment is full in London …”

But when Kim says that, she does not tell us the whole truth, because in fact she has a third passion, which is an integral part of her whole being and her talent as an artist. A few years ago, before embarking on singing, helped by her father Marty and her brother Ricky, Kim had taken classes at the Hertfordshire College of Art & Design in her good town of Hertford. She had for a long time hesitated at the time between the two artistic branches that are music, drawing and painting.

To our delight to all she opted for rock … but without having forgotten her first love. So as soon as Kim finds a little calm, between a tour and the recording of an album it emerges its charcoals and drawing board. For her it is moments of privilege during which she can afford to forget the stress of show biz and away from any photographer, a very trait on bringing back life to people she met one day .. Or find the gestures of musicians who accompanied her.
Alas, these moments of relaxation never last long, his profession terribly monopolizing. For some time she has had her own recording studio, not far from her apartment in the north of London. This hyper-sophisticated studio was an old operating room. This is where Kim records and repeats as a family. It is with impatience that we wait to be able to applaud Kim Wilde and her group at the 29th of March at the Zenith: the last time she had passed unfortunately only by Brest!