To me, the little English !

This dream the night and day… She came from London to lift his glasses and ask him to calm down a bit … Kim Wilde did a small appearance in the very first clip by Laurent Voulzy…

The general admission is: what’s really good about Kim Wilde’s clip is mostly her! Laurent Voulzy also shares this opinion, the difference being that he is not simply fantasizing about the pretty face of the star. He made a song, damn good, and did not hesitate to ask Kim Wilde to sing with him. He received her participation in its clip as a bonus.

“Before the whole family together (remember that the father is the producer and her brother is composer) I told the scenario. I remember having to explain that I was going to ride me on a wall covered with pictures of Kim, his father then looked at me with round eyes!”
This passage, the director Bernard Malige (director of the Costards video) particularly wanted. “It is impossible not to crack when you see this girl!” he said.

An effective plan that removes any shadow of vulgarity to play the card of sensuality. If it works as well, is that it is integrated into a real story or we avoid going back for more 36 times the same idea. Laurent Voulzy , dressed dandy aristochoc class (“This is my English period , he said, after I do not know, I will, maybe the Basque beret”) lives in one of these gigantic American trucks.
” We tried,” says Bernard Malige, “to create a totally unrealistic universe around this guy who lives outside of the world, completely obsessed with Kim Wilde. It also plays on the light, like the gas station which is treated a little to the ‘Gremlins’ with yellow and blue very dense … “

The truck, believed to tumble into the night without someone driving , created epic moments while filming the professional driver who drove sticking to 60 centimeters of car traveling 80 km/h in tunnels … Another epic moment the arrival of Kim Wilde on the set.
“We were a little scared”, continues Malige, “because a film clip, even under the best conditions it is always a hassle, and we wanted her to really invest and take us seriously. Initially her agent controlled everything in the eyepiece of the camera, we should explain everything. When they saw we spend nearly two hours on the light on Kim, they no longer wanted to control and it ended in relaxation and smiles.”
This clip is far from being just a media event because of the arrival of Kim Wilde. In recent months, the French production seemed to cross a desert, we watched in vain for new and talented. ” Nights without Kim Wilde” announces reversal of fortunes. It is rhythmic, aesthetic and inventive enough, as with the black flipper which rages Voulzy. With a dolly coupled with a slight lateral sway of the camera setting Voulzy , Malige managed the amazing level.
Laurent Voulzy who is fully involved in this clip, participating even financially , is already preparing to shoot another in the Caribbean on “Marie Galante”, a very beautiful song about a few problems with colors …

Kim Wilde says

“I was quite intrigued by this song and in fact rather suspicious at first. I listened with curiosity, and then I really enjoyed it. It is for this reason that I agreed to invest myself and not at all because it’s a song about me. I really do it “for fun” without taking myself seriously because it was also very funny to sing a song that speaks to you. What I also like is that there is no trace of bad taste. People perhaps may find it ridiculous, unhealthy or silly, this is my sincerely and naively treated and it touches me. And I also liked the nerve Voulzy to see me like that, I was not used to that.

“Initially, there was not a question of a clip. I was pretty reluctant about it, I really hesitated to do that because it could be a bit “too much”! But the enthusiasm of Laurent convinced me . The shoot was for me a relaxation because right now I’m working on my next album constantly.

About my own videos, I can say that I especially am far from being fanatical. I made eight or nine, many were directed by Brian Grant; until “Dancing in the dark” which you see in Laurent’s clip is by Tim Pope. I was one of the first to do videos, without being really very aware that it was also without invest myself very closely, except when filming. So that in “Second Time” for example, the result is quite violent, it is not what I thought at the beginning. “Cambodia” was inspired by ” Apocalypse Now ,” but I did not know at the time, I hadn’t seen the movie yet! I still love my first video, “Kids in America” because it kept that spontaneous spirit of my debut. Today, for a clip to work, it must be that the idea is really very original . It was at that time especially a great way to be present everywhere, both in the United Kingdom than in Australia or Japan ! I think my next video will be really different. A lot has happened, I think now it’s more than just a way to get to know or sell a song.”