Top Ten: Kim Wilde

1. Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan
She’s quite simply a brilliant performer

2. We Close Our Eyes – Go west
Love the singer’s voice. The video is good too.

3. Clouds Across The Moon – The Rah Band
I used to think it was incredibly naff. But it’s grown on me.

4. I Wanna Be Black – Lou Reed
Good to groove to…

5. Funny Valentine – Elvis Costello
Because it’s by Elvis Costello.

6. I’ve Been Wrong Before – Dusty Springfield
Quite an old one. I’m a big fan of Dusty’s.

7. Anarchy In The UK – Sex Pistols
I was never a punk but I liked the Pistols. They were so funny.

8. Rock ‘n’ Roll – Gary Glitter
At that time, in the early 70’s. music was very drab. And then Gary burst onto the scene – completely over-the-top and glam. I was a member of his fan club.

9. Off The Hook – The Rolling Stones
The B-side of ‘Little Red Rooster’. Very Chuck Berry-influenced. The lyrics are quite original.

10. McArthur Park – Richard Harris
The words are beautiful, magical. Lovely orchestration and singing.