‘You’re such a tease, dad!’

Even if Kim looks a bit angry to strangers, she laughs a lot at home. Not lastly because the strange tricks of her father…

“No dad, you’re kidding!”, Kim screams from laughing. Father Marty Wilde just told how he recently stepped into a bakery and asked if he sold cherry bonbons with strawberries in them. His famous daughter is laughing hard. “And, what did he say?”, she asks when she’s calmed down. “The man was very serious about it”, says Marty. “No I don’t”, he said, “but I do sell bonbons with strawberry filling”. So I took rum bonbons instead.”
“And they are probably all eaten by now?”, asks brother Ricky dryly, which makes Kim laugh again.
A strange scene really, because normally she isn’t so extraverted. “Oh, but when we’re at home we are”, the blonde artists smiles. And then, seriously: “It’s true that it is hard to be so friendly to strangers. I always take a long time to get used to people. But once I’ve made friends, I stay true to them for life. I still have friends from school, for instance. In fact, since I’ve become famous I haven’t made many new friends. People don’t see me as Kim Smith, my real name. I am always the famous singer to them, Kim Wilde! That’s not so much fun for me and I’ll never get used to that.”
It’s quiet for a moment, then she suddenly laughs again. “Cherry bonbons with strawberry!”, she giggles. “That’s typically dad! I can tell you we laugh a lot at home. That’s why I’m so glad to be there. And Ricky, dad and me don’t just talk about music all the time, like so many people think. That wouldn’t be much fun for my brother Marty jr. and my sister Roxanne. They have something else to talk about. Even though they are interested when a new record of mine is released. They have supported my new single “Rage to love” a lot. Let’s hope it has helped!