Another Kim-back!

Kim Wilde is far too young and attractive to be compared to Gary Glitter, but she does have one thing in common with the grand old man of pop –  comebacks. Her career, which spans most of the 1980 s, has been nothing if not a stopistart sort of affair, and with her current hit success – The Supremes’ classic “You Keep Me Hanging On” – Kim is making what is already her second come-back to the charts.

It all started with “Kids In America” a debut smash hit which was co-penned by her father, veteran rocker Marty Wilde, and her musical brother Ricky. This was followed by five major hits including “Cambodia” and then the success petered out. There was a come-back two years ago with a minor hit called “The Second Time,” but this time Kim’s success was even more shortlived.

Now, she’s back on the tracks for the third time—with an added twist to the record that’s given her another break. Kim’s version doesn’t differ wildly (sorry) from the original Supremes’ arrangement, and it follows barely a dozen weeks after the girl trio’s re-release of their own hit failed to do any damage in the charts at all.

“It’s the singer, not the song” as the Stones once sang, and isn’t Kim Wilde grateful for that fact? However, her Achilles’ heel has always been tier live appearances, indicating that perhaps there’s a bit more studio polish on her records than most need. This could be crucial in her efforts to maintain success a third time around.