Back to school: Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde does it again today: ‘Schoolgirl’ is the first single from her next album on which there are five to six songs that she has written or co-written.

“The need to write is growing stronger. It’s like a volcano which rumbles in me, invades me and suddenly explodes”. A lot of noise, apparently, for a title that does not satisfy our hunger: memories of college girl, flashback on a still recent past, Kim Wilde with “Schoolgirl” does not seem really inspired and makes us regret her interpretations of remarkable quality which earned him to be in a good position in English hits. Let’s just hope that her next album, whose release is scheduled for October, will hold up and that it will not be just a pale copy of college girl on black vinyl.
Because exceptional singer is not necessarily synonymous with great “Songwriter”.

Many hits, four albums from “Kim Wilde” to “Teases nad Dares”. the Award for the best female vocalist received in the phonographic industry in 1983 …
Quick success and meteoric rise for this 25 year old Englishwoman, with a pleasant physique, who started in 1981 with “Kids in America”.
However, rather than going to her head, success stimulates her and pushes her to write or co-write her texts.
“Teasas and Dares” thus marks, in a certain way, a turning point in her career, since it is the first time that she is personally involved in songwriting, with two titles …
“It’s a need that you feel, but it’s difficult to define. In fact, there comes a time when you want to sing what you feel, what touches you, to express your feelings through music It is also a way to thank my audience and communicate directly with them.”