Hello… Kim Wilde

Why were you invisible over the past year?
I was working on my new album.

Are you in Paris to promote your new single ‘School girl’?
Yes, the song is dedicated to my sister. My brother and my father, Ricky and Marty have written the music. I wanted to write the lyrics and the vocal melody. I wanted to speak to my sister, but also to other young people and their problems. But the bottom line is that the song is optimistic. We should just think a little more about the world that we are making for them.

Would you become the flagship of the rebellion of young people?
Yeah, kids fight back! Why not, but what I am singing is also a personal reaction to what is happening. We are not living in James Dean’s times anymore, but the fire of life hasn’t disappeared. The adolescents of now have different feelings… which I like to translate.

How did you decide to become involved in music?
It’s the thing that motivates me the most. Music evokes a force in me that is like a passion. Music stimulates your imagination, your emotions. It brings even more magic in your way of living life.

What will the music video for ‘School girl’ be like?
Very simple, just me on the playground of an old school. There’s also a friend who plays, she’s eleven years old and represents the young ones. We really enjoyed ourselves during the filming… it was really natural.

Are you always very simple, very natural in the way you dress, and your make-up?
Yes, it’s my style. I prefer to conserve the eccentricity that’s already in my personality, rather than to display a certain look.

It is often said that Kim Wilde never smiled…
No, it’s mostly the poses on photographs that give that effect… But it’s not because you look sad that you are sad. There are people who always laugh and they are sad inside. In my songs there’s a certain sadness, but there is always a smile, an optimistic vision, it’s the way I express myself…

Do you have any movie projects?
No, but I would like to. I’d love to play in a movie like ‘Subway’, I really love that film. But I wouldn’t want to play a singer. I’d also like to write music for a movie soundtrack.

Are you superstitious?
A little, like my mum, but I’m not very much. But I do think about predestination a lot.

What do you do when you’re alone at home?
I change the lightbulbs when they’re out, I read books and I clean up my tapes and CD’s, mundane things in short…

What do you like most?
Feeling well.

And least?
To be bored! Being sad also, but for me bored is the worst feeling in the world.