Kim at home: our (homes and gardens) correspondent writes…

Kim Wilde’s North London home near Hampstead Heath must be her most cherished possession. The luxury ground floor flat was first bought three years ago with the earnings from a successful stint at the top, and then became a base for Kim to start rebuilding her career. For it was here that she could find the privacy and independence that she was denied as a young pop pin-up living at home with a famous musician father.
But although Kim lives alone in Hampstead with not so much as a budgie for company, she likes nothing better than to fill the place with friends and red wine, and never ‘stays in to watch the telly’. The grand piano that takes pride of place in the high living room gives far better entertainment.
The rest of Kim’s instruments and equipment are all kept in the second bedroom, converted to a music room by Kim on her arrival, and if you could ignore the lack BMW that sits outside you’d never guess you were entering the home of a popstar.
Bordered by Hampstead Heath, the tiny back courtyard provides ample garden space for Kim, especially as like any other popstar, tshe sends half her time away from home. Kim’s enormous popularity in America and Europe have taken her to some of the most exotic places around the globe, but she says she could never move away from dear old London.
“The place that I feel the best in is the South of France up in the hills off the coast, but whenever I’m away for more than a month I’m just dying to get back here. Nothing ever changes abroad, London’s always changing.”