Kim blonde, love Wilde

Resurgence of the blonde Kim, who haunts the night in a lot of trouble sleeping dreamers, head resting on the pillow, the memory of the song Laurent Voulzy in the air and mind flirting with soft loops of colored corn. Gentlemen bite your bedding, this object of your desires, I met a jealous and will blame me, although I was not alone and I felt as shy as our meeting was brief and exciting. We leave this interview bitter and disappointed to see that she is very popular to be the wife of one night, the night of one man. Because if the blonde Kim wins her impressive success in England, she is also popular in other countries like in Germany or France. Since January 81, with the release of ‘Kids in America’ Kim proved to be a collector of hits (Cambodia, Love blonde, View from a bridge …). Following what the charm seducer operates in a few years, Kim received many gold records and platinum, Oscar and other rave reviews in 1983, she is named ‘Best Singer’ by the British Phonographic Industry.
“You keep me hangin ‘on” is the title of her new single just before her first world tour, here are some worldly matters that I collected for you:

“You keep me hanging on”, the title of your single is an old song, why this recovery?
It is above all an idea of my brother Ricky, it’s true that this is a song that dates back 20 years ago, it was dusted and I was much amused to regain the title. It is also the first single which is extracted from my new album.

You’re still working with your family and your father’s brother?
In general yes, my father my brother Marty and Ricky are producers, but with them come and join others. Burton is very well known as producers also contributed to titles of my album. Yes I work in family but not exclusively family.

Back to the present, do you have good memories of ‘Kids in america’?
It is a wonderful memory, it was 4 years ago and this is the start of a career for me I think it’s fantastic!

This is somewhat ironic for a small English sing ‘Kids in America’?
Anyway, pop music is a paradox in itself.

‘Kids in America’ it was a hit single, but it is also a great clip which is not dated, the beginning of the video how was it?
It was very interresting because at the time nobody really knew how to make the video. There was the strength and determination to do well. Everyone gave their opinion, I think the musicians … director of course, everyone talked a bit, but I’m not a fan of clips, it is important only to be present everywhere.

“Cambodia” was also a good memory?
It is very important to me that track, because it was really a hit and especially in France, and in addition it is a song that I love to interpret on stage because it is very relaxed, people know the words by heart and I can breathe!

“View from a Bridge”, is also a significant single.
This is my favorite track!

Is that your father is a great singer of the 60s, did he make you want to get up on stage?
My father did not push, but it was my dream to disassemble a scene that is true, for me it was the most beautiful thing in the world to do, but my father was not all for it at the beginning.

What are your musical inspirations?
I remember the first album I listened to is that of Carole King, for us it is the greatest album of rock music. I like also John Lennon and Pretenders.

Do you find the time to go to concerts?
I do, yes. The last time I went it was to see Prince at Wembley, and I also saw Sheila E but it was when she recorded in a studio in Los Angeles.

Are you trying to get ideas when you attend a concert?
Yes, I always inspires me more or less on the other scene. I look good the way they touch the public to receive it. The way in which the slow unfolds. There are always ideas to take.

For you what is a hit parade?
This is something in which it is very nice to be!

For you, what is money?
Money is something as dangerous as love.

On the eve of a major world tour, you train physically?
I’m a bit lazy so I limit efforts same sport, but I force myself to swim.

The repetitions lasts a long time?
They start three weeks before the tour, we try to team up for three weeks, we live together.

A day on the tour; what happens?
Coming to a hotel, from a hotel in another city or another country. A lot of traveling. We travel by bus to all be able to rest between two dates. It is also a good time to get together, laugh, eat … together. It is a good time together, we tell stories. I prefer to travel with the whole team, it’s more fun. The few times I’m separate is when I’m doing TV and then I fly.

Kim thank you and see you soon with her throughout France. Her last visit was back in March 85, this time in his schedule Kim Wilde will see nine cities of our beautiful country. Her new album carries the title of “Another Step”, another step in the country. In one month the fragile blonde doll will have the opportunity to ask them differently as they wish dan 9 countries. Marathon Woman, Kim has also invested in its last production completely admit that after this tour take a long vacation … in France because it is a country she loves and would love to learn our language … I’d like to improve my own, failing to understand it might be to hear!