Kim is getting ever more professional

Marty Wilde thinks so too, that’s why he poses with his daughter so proudly. At the beginning of Kim Wilde’s career she was content just singing the songs that her brother Ricky and father Marty had written for her. But that way of working didn’t agree with the blonde singer. Last year she told us: ‘I was told that I was a barbiedoll, who does whatever her family tells her to. That’s nonsense, of course, but try and prove that! In all peace and quiet I started writing songs together with Ricky and Marty and since we have our own studio in Knebworth, I can be found there a lot. In the near future I want to be able to do everything myself, producing my own records and not be dependant of my family anymore.’
The wish is starting to take shape. Kim has co-written her new single ‘Schoolgirl’ and on her new LP, due to be out in September, there are no less than 5 songs written by Kim. It’s going well with Kim in that area, as you can see.