Kim passionate

My nights without Kim Wilde? I’m fine, thank you. Just a rise in blood pressure around four o’clock, before the culmination of dreams, but my doctor assures me that this is normal. As for my nights with Kim Wilde, I’m not talking about it: chronological shivers with “Kids In America” ?? (ouoh oh!), “Chequered Love”, “Water On Glass” (wet dreams), “Cambodia” (exotic dreams) ), “View From A Bridge” and now “Schoolgirl”. But beware, not in any order, any position: there is music by day and music by night, caressing atmospheres and action passages. Kim agrees with me: “It’s true, there is “Morning Music”, “Day Music” and “Night Music”; at least that’s how I listen to it and I prepared it on my new album: side 1 rather rock and side 2 rather slow. For the compact disc, I will have to find a solution!”
Since our last (and first!) meeting, I found that Kim had lost weight, that she was very beautiful. She too, she assured me by eating her diet salad. Her set of black Agnes B suited him, it was also his opinion. “The brunettes do not count for some plums but the blondes have more fun”, I whispered in his ear. She always agreed! Ah, Kim!!
Kim. Kim Wilde or her father’s daughter, who left to make us laugh (or cry … in shame), turned out, let’s say … interesting. Well done albums, smashing and rather clever hits, an almost rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Kim of which one whispers the hits at the exit of the schools but also on the steps of the administrations. By the way, the sweet blonde is back. You would have suspected it, if only by this simple, “Schoolgirl”, obviously announcing an album. “Schoolgirl”? Strange on the part of someone who, at the age of twenty-six, can finally get away from this static image of a little schoolgirl pushed under the sunlights by her father Marty.
“But no. I wrote “Schoolgirl” thinking of my little sister who is six years old. Her dream is to become a singer like me.”
We are far, very far from the standards of life “rock”, light years from the Stooges or Boy George. But no matter: Kim is Kim, refusing to engage in rock-political movements, vibrant for Greenpeace and against racism: “During the last tour, I had a black drummer. In Nice, guys have downright spit on him! ” Ah well, and in London? “Oh, in London racism is less latent, less radical because people have no choice: it’s about living together.”
Kim is against racism, eats salads and drinks fruit cocktails, Kim dresses in department stores in London, at Jean-Paul Gaultier or at Agnès B in Paris, Kim prefers passive action and is resolutely optimistic . On the 45 of Voulzy, Kim says “Take it easy”. Kim dreams of being a real mother … large. But Kim also makes (good) records.

A fifth album. A matured record. Two years of work for concrete titles. What do you want, it’s in their habits: Marty, Ricky, Kim (who is investing more and more in texts which none has to pali before the competition), the Wilde trio rack up the hits: two in average per album. “Kids In America”, “Checkered Love”, “Water On Glass”, “Cambodia” (four world hits in 1981!), “View From A Bridge”, “Love Blonde”, “Dancing In The Dark” and so on . Beautiful lineage. As for the new kid, he is somewhat out of the family since Ricky, the little brother so gifted, trusted a friend of the family, the producer Reinhold Heil. A name to blow up the potentiometers. “This disc is the one where I invested the most, since I wrote five titles and I was enormously present in the studio. It is a disc produced in stages because I did quite a bit during this time. has seen me in a lot of festivals and at the Royal Albert Hall in London for a concert to benefit Greenpeace. “

Kim Wilde live? Distrust is de rigueur. And yet, here too it has proven itself and knows how to occupy a scene. Hot stuff. “I like to rock on stage.” An affirmation – explanation – confession that sums up why dad pushed little girl under the sunlights: it was made for the scene. No need to travel. Just stick to your videos. As much as a clip filmed on stage can be off-putting, its own enhance the genre. The culprits are called Tim Pope and Brian Grant.
“I don’t like music videos, although they are important if we want to be present at the same time everywhere on the globe. I am wary of supposedly great ideas that mark too much a song, like maybe that of “Cambodia” way ‘Apocalypse Now’. I much prefer the very first clip, that of “Kids In America” ??on stage, which has kept spontaneity and freshness. For “Schoolgirl” we preferred to play simplicity again. We shot in a school in South London, just the group and me in the yard. Simple and, I hope, effective.”

Well, a blonde who does not like the big eye of the camera! The one we call the BB of rock! Du Bardot chez Wilde? Would Bardot tour with Besson “It is however the only director that Miss Wilde would trust:” I received a few scripts where I played a role of singer, in short, trash. On the other hand, I completely fell for “Subway” which I saw three times. I loved the humor he had in each shot, the way of filming and then Adjani, absolutely fantastic. But all this does not enter into my real ambitions. Above all, I want to sing.”

Kim plays a lot of piano, standing and sitting. Not that she wanted to hide it from us, but how to adapt, on stage, the piano to her titles? So, this time the kid wrote a tailor-made title.
“It’s a pretty sad song called “Don’t Say Nothing Changed A Long Time Ago”, that kind of thing, separation, crying, that happens to everyone in their existence. A song a little autobiographical, at least a title that I would like to sing alone on the piano during the next tour. I would also like to sing it in French. I love this language and this country, where I very much want to settle down for a while. I have in my immediate plans to come to Paris for a few months in order to learn to speak French better. That way I can live alone and not surrounded as I have been since I moved to London.”
Single, blonde on blonde, pretty, gifted, charming and alone in Paris? Ah, that my nights without Kim Wilde will become cruel …