Kim: thin after poisoning

Slim like a gazelle Kim appeared at “Peters Popshow” in Dortmund. “The stress of the tour has cost me a couple of pounds already”, says she. “In the last few days I have also had food poisoning. I rarely had a chance to leave the toilet.”
Kim’s concerts in Germany were not in danger despite this. The doctors have made the beautiful blondine fit again, and a dressmaker made sure that the sexy stage clothes Kim was wearing were fitting again, instead of hanging loose.
Until mid-December the singer with the blonde hair is on tour, after that she goes home for the holidays. “After that I will probably have gained some weight again”, fears Kim. “I shouldn’t think about my mum’s roast dinner yet.”
Christmas is always celebrated traditionally in the Wilde family. Kim: “With a Christmas tree, which I decorate myself. For that I exist.”