Kim Wilde

Kim is coming! After a longer creative pause the beautiful English woman comes in two versions: on tour and on record.

The test has already taken place. After Kim tried the stage once – in 1984 – with reasonable success at the time, she is now earnest in her stage ambitions. From November 5 until December 1 the blonde pop idol will be on German stages nine times. During this occasion the 26 year old wants to prove that from the young hit singer has grown up to be a serious artist. “I know”, she says laughing, “that some find me sweet but also limited. That’s obvious! Everywhere it is propagated that I am the product of my family, the advertisement for my brother Ricky and my father Marty’s writings. That it has changed meanwhile has escaped everyone’s attention.
I have worked on eight of the eleven songs from ‘Another step’. And finally I moved into my own apartment in London.” It isn’t very organised there but she feels very well. “Almost every day my mother calls me because she believes I won’t eat and die in my own chaos.”
It’s worries like this that Kim can hardly understand. She has everything she needs. Friends, to go out with. Peace and quiet, to work on song ideas. Leisure, to prepare for her performances with her seven man band. Stage fright? “Yes, but that’s also part of the experience!”