Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde has taken a break. Where others compellingly stick to the annual rhythm for LP’s, the sympathetic English girl had a little more time to complete her new album “Another Step”. Kim Wilde is not one who derives from the rules of the music market also the rules for his own behavior. About this: “Doesn’t matter what they say, as long as they talk about you at all”. For five years, since her smash hit “Kids in America”, Kim Wilde has always aroused by great pop songs and sold out tours, but never by the usual scandals. And so she does not need to be afraid, her fans could forget her: Kim Wilde is also as a pop star, so natural and without all the oddities that you just have to like her.

Work on “Another Step” began in February this year when Kim flew to Los Angeles to work with Richard James Burgess. Burgess had already successfully produced King, Five Star and others. March saw Kim Wilde again in L.A., this time in collaboration with Rod Temperton, who especially made a name as co-producer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. The result, “Say You Really Want Me”, is not only on the LP “Another Step”, but also belongs to the successful soundtrack of the film “Running Scared”, which already brought two top 20 hits in the US. In May, a co-production of Ricky Wilde and Reinhold Heil followed, which had earned a first-rate business card, mainly by producing the Nena song and giant hit “99 balloons” and “99 Red Balloons”. Reason enough for Kim Wilde to gain salvation for the production of Schoolgirl. The last slap was given to the eleven songs on “Another Step” by brother Rickie Wilde in the family-owned studio in Knebworth, Hertfordshire. The result is a very well-produced LP, which on the first page mainly sounds up-tempo rocksongs with dancefloor qualities. On the second page, more Kim Wilde’s skills as a ballad singer prove. On the tour, which Kim Wilde after one and a half years break in nine countries – for 8 concerts also to Germany – leads, she will present this record now. The fans – and by far not just teenagers – will stream into the halls and show the blond beauty that the place in her heart still belongs to her. Because as I said, such a natural personality as Kim Wilde, who also makes such refreshing music, one simply has to like.