Kim Wilde

Dethroned by another blonde (American this one), the sexiest of English singers has remained the most beloved rocker of the French…

Kim Wilde, blonde, clear eyes, pouting mouth, charming rocker look has become in a few years the darling of all European kids.
Her physique, however advantageous, was a handicap in her early days. How does this beautiful, sulky doll sing rock? It was not possible, but very quickly she was able to convince us of her passion for music and to communicate her virus to us. She never was and never will be a wax doll!
The beautiful Kim to take care of, her dad Marty Wilde, was one of the great pioneers of rock and roll in England and very young, Kim became passionate about music and she became a singer on the records of her brother, Rick! But since life is really well done, Kim Wilde will be heard by the big boss of Rak Records. The latter, seduced by her voice, decides to launch it. Kim, surrounded by dad and big brother Rick, prepare her disc, it will be “Kids in America”, a hit, a breaking wave that invades Europe this year 1981. At twenty, she finds herself promoted to rock-star! The hits and albums follow one after the other: “Holidays in Cambodia”, “View from a bridge”, “The second time”, “Love blonde” ….
She is the star of the early 80s, Laurent Voulzy will even dedicate one of his songs to her (“Les nuits sans Kim Wilde”)!
Overshadowed for some time by another blonde bombshell, Madonna, Kim Wilde returned in 1986 with a superb album: “Another step” which proves that the English blonde has acquired a certain maturity.
Abandoning her role as a singer, she decided to write her own words and the result is more than conclusive! Since “You keep me hanging on”, she has withdrawn somewhat from the front of the stage and we are impatiently awaiting a new single. Come back to us very quickly Miss Wilde!