Kim Wilde

Phil Savva had an appointment with one of the leading singers of the United Kingdom.

Kim Wilde found herself in the charts for the first time in 1981 thanks to her single “Kids in America”. She’s made great strides over the years that have passed since that time, with continuous success with albums and singles both in Europe and America. Success that should not surprise anyone, because she really comes from a musical family. Marty, like Kim himself as a genuine star of the beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll. Also, and her brother Ricky is a great musician. He composes and arranges all the songs for Kim.

Kim’s musical style is sometimes touted as commercial rock. Not difficult to see, where her inspiration comes from. “Being the daughter of a  rock ‘n’ roll superstar – says Kim – music was in my life from the earliest years. Still moreover, I listen to the discs Marty has and sometimes draws from these ideas for his own songs. Do not believe that the style of rock ‘n’ n ‘roll was supposed to ever survive. Its functions continue, but with a slightly revised and updated version. It is alive, and it can always count on the response at a young audience. “

The success of the first single are not provided at all about the fact that her way to the forefront was planning always so easy. The trace of the “Kids” future reference recording “Chequered Love”, which also turned out a big hit. No less successful have had three further recordings Kim, namely “Water on Glass”, “Cambodia” and “View from a Bridge”. When we appeared to her first album ‘Kim Wilde’, summed music press event cry for more such recordings. But I have missed Kim stressy and tensions inherent in the people of the music industry. Murderous cycle, consisting in the fact that we had to constantly seem the hit singles, and simultaneously keep the wheels of the issuance albums, finally led to this, with several singles turned out a flop. And although the albums “Select” and “Catch as Catch Can” were a success, however, Kim and her family felt disappointed by the accidents. “More and more problems began to also give us the necessity of continual commute from home to a recording studio in London. Success for some single meant that I had immediately fixed the next date of recording and never was time to to think what we would like to really compose music. Finally, we had enough of everything and 1983 years we parted company with our record label RAK. “

Kim spent the next year useful. Along with Marty and Ricky built a studio next to his home in Hertfordshire, just to the north of London. Here her latest album “Teases and Dares” was born. “We wanted security in the form of a sufficient amount of recorded material, permitting subsequent edition singles and simultaneous presentation of a fully finished album. And then I just struck up with us first contacts the company record label MCA. We answered, because it is a company with ambitions. In this period, moreover, MCA in a fairly significant way changed his previous character and just signed a contract with Nik Kershaw and band Shalamar.
“They offered us such conditions that it was hard to resist them. They left us a lot more freedom than usual to do this work.” For showing her trust Kim released by MCA in November 1984 album “Teases and Dares”. It gained critical acclaim, while singles “The Second Time”, “The Touch” and finally released recently, “Rage To Love” again secured their place on the charts.

As a solo artist who is well aware terms, what has to meet the fierce competition on the global market of rock music. Despite such successes like winning in 1983 for best singer award granted by the British Phonographic Industry, as well as a number of gold and platinum discs, Kim has a lot of common sense and carefully evaluate the possibility of maintaining continuous success. “It’s probably a good thing that the pop music market forces such a high level. Know at least what to expect, and this in turn is an additional motivating stimulus to raise the bar ever higher. Especially me has enjoyed success in Europe and America, especially the native soil on I do not fared well lately in August. For Europeans and Americans test of the popularity is generally music market in the United Kingdom. In my case, however, things took quite another course. Of course, you can not settle for all but the very glad of that, although occurring with me in August from time to time failures in the UK, the number of my European sympathizers still persists almost unchanged. “

Last year, Kim embarked on a long and important European tour, which turned out a huge box office success. It is a pity that the disease has forced me to cancel the British performances.

But once again, America turned out to be true promised land. In the summer, Kim came back again to the studio and recorded a new album. She worked under the direction of Ricky again, but this time she has contributed more creative contribution to the creation of the album. It started already, moreover, when recording “Teases and Dares”.

“So far – says Kim – composing for me and the whole arranging are mainly engaged to Marty and Ricky. When the album “Teases and Dares” was released I consciously invested in the effort to be more involved in composing songs intended for me. On the album, two were composed by me and I have to admit, with no future reference to me easily. Words do not give this to me difficulty, but it’s difficult to guard, that song sounded not too bitter or too seriously. At this moreover – according to my feelings – lies the secret of success “Teases and Dares.” It is – as thus far – the album with the most commercialized sound, and simultaneously goes from the shock of what dominates the whole of pop music. “

The star can not complain about the excess of free time. In rare moments of relaxation, which can afford, Kim likes to curl up with a book or go to the cinema to see the latest movie. As for plans for the future: Kim wants to consolidate her position as a singer. Also thinks about the moment when by virtue of its position will also be able to have his part in the career development of other artists, composing songs for them.