Kim Wilde

‘Whispers’ was waiting in the wings for lovely Kim Wilde at Thams TV’s Teddington Studios when who should mince past but Freddie Parrot Face Hamster Starr who suddenly dropped to one knee for an impromptu Elvis Presley impression. As ‘Whispers’ yawned politely Mr Starr followed up with a quick burst of Eddie Cochran and Jackie Wilson. ‘Whispers’ gave him the name of the Saturday Gang’s agent and went off to find Ms Wilde.

Kim tells us that she turned down an offer from a glammy photographer friend to do some unusual underwear shots. Apparently Kim is pleased that Sammy Fox modelled herself on the early Wilde child but wouldn’t dream of repaying the compliment.

‘I’ve had loads of that kind of offer but my body’s not so grat. It’s really good covered up but in the flesh it’s not exactly Bo Derek. I want to thrill people with my music and not my body…’

Kim certainly thrilled her record company when the single charted. she bought them all a bottle of vintage champanya. Their verdict? ‘Merci beaucoup M’sieur’…