Kim Wilde: all for music

Her blonde mane earned him her nickname of ‘British Lion’. Sultry, sexy, dressed in black or gray, Kim Wilde arrived in France. She will haunt the nights of the fortnight of November 11 to 26, with a new hit ‘Another step’. In five years and five albums, she collects gold records and started composing music for films. Because music is her life. Her father, Marty Wilde – one of the first English rock stars in the early sixties – and her brother Ricky – guitarist in her band – accompany her on all her voyages. But the film, the television panics her. Participating in ‘Cocoricoboy’, she had only one word to say, yet she had to try several times before opening his mouth. She loves everything that is spontaneous, direct, and rejects everything that is manufactured, sophisticated. At the other end of the bar of the Hotel Raphael, where we stand, the pianist starts playing. For the first notes, she smiled and, with a firm step, steps in from the back. To the delight of customers.