Kim Wilde calms down a bit

Some time ago the future didn’t look rosy for Kim Wilde. Her records stayed in the shops. As a result it became ominously silent around Kim. Fortunately that has changed now. Kim’s remake of the Supremes hit ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ and the video for that song have gained approval from the audience. Kim Wilde can breathe a sigh of relief.
“Yes, I have had difficul times”, the singer admits. “I really thought my time had gone. But now my career is up again. And I’m very glad about that, of course. I have made a promise to myself to calm down a bit. In the old days I was constantly working. If I wasn’t in the studio, I was on stage or before the camera. and then there were the constant interviews to deal with. I didn’t know where my head was in the end. Success mustn’t come at the cost of your health. I have realised that. I keep fighting for my career. But when it gets too busy, I’ll just say ‘stop’ and go on holiday for a couple of days.