Kim Wilde has a party in Guadeloupe

Making the best of a great situation, that is what Kim Wilde did when she had to be on the island of Guadeloupe for another awards ceremony. Instead of going home after the party, she decided to stay there in order to enjoy an exotic holiday. She could use her hobby as well.

A fantastic time

With “You keep me hangin’ on” Kim Wilde has proved that she can fight. Not so long ago Kim had a big depression. Professionally things didn’t go as well as before and privately things were quite grim as well. She hasn’t found mr. Right either, but it doesn’t bother her anymore: se has developed into a strong independent woman. And Kim Wilde is relaxed now as well. She has just returned from a holiday on Guadeloupe, one of the most exotic islands in the world. “The island dwellers are very sweet and welcoming”, says Kim. “I had a great time. A nice climate, surroundings that looked like paradise, calmness and good food. I like to get spoiled and I can assure you: they do that in Guadeloupe.”

“I found some time to occupy myself with my new hobby”, says Kim. “some time ago I bought a video camera, but I never wanted to film the streets of London. On Guadeloupe I found what I was looking for: nature and animals always fascinated me, so I had a great subject right away. There was only one problem: Guadeloupe is too beautiful to film. It’s hard to capture everything you see. But no problem: what’s not on film is in my head. Something to never forget.”