Kim Wilde has discovered paradise

The blazing hair, the bright glance, the pout… behold the blonde Kim Wilde… Rockeuse the british discovered with passion the soft Reunion Island.
A prestigious place it is. Because even if the majority of the plate of artists were made up of high-speed motorboats of the French song, Alain Plundering, Katia and Jean Paul Laleu, the organizers of this night of the “Gold Disco musics”, had the good idea to invite some international stars. And so the Communards, Sandy Marton and especially Kim Wilde took part. Kim Wilde discovered Reunion Island for the first time. A place which had much for her to like: tropics, sun, the ocean and despite everything, a certain art of living with the Frenchwoman. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that the singer is in love with France. For all kinds of reasons. And the small white wine that one drinks under the tonelles ones is not the least. Rare fact, Kim is one of the few Anglo-Saxons to know a little of the tricolour music.

“Actually, I do not know many French musicians. Except Laurent Voulzy, of course, with whom I have professional projects. I also met Téléphone since we did a tour together. I like Etienne Daho and Bill Baxter a lot”. This visit to the Meeting will perhaps be the starting point of a collaboration between Daho and the singer. They indeed got along very well and rumours would lead us to believe they would intend to work together. With the program of the singer, in addition to her scenic services, there were of course the bronzing, and swimming. But also tourism. With her VHS camera Kim filmed all that passed to her before the lens. Thus, accompanied by Bill Baxter, she climbed the volcano which overhangs the island.

An exploit: two hours of functioning in road-metals, under the sun. Kim who has just changed record companies, was has to give up the island to join in London her new chairman. But the day when it was to take the plane, a crumbling blocked the road leading to the airport! Result: one day with the sun of rab for the singer. The island of the Meeting will have definitely allured the british. But if Kim gained, during this stay of dream, a whole package of French friends, it will have perhaps lost its beater. Impassioned by nature, this English good dye literally fell in love with the island. And when the others took again the plane to join Europe, remained to him on the edge of the tarmac by agitating its handkerchief to say to them goodbye. This last had actually decided to remain one week more. It is not known if it there is still or not…

The impressions of Kim during her stay: “It is fantastic to be able to meet people whom one takes time to know, with whom one can speak quietly instead of crossing like crazy on a TV show, as it is often the case. Here, one rests, and one discovers people. That pleases me much! “.