Kim Wilde in 10 points

Kim Wilde is on tour in France until November 26. A good opportunity for us to meet with her and have a long rambling discussion in which she reveals a lot.

Her show
I am not only an interpreter. I love taking care of everything, lights, staging and I have many ideas on this. I decide roughly the shape that I want to give my show, and then I talk with engineers who will realize what I have in mind.

Her latest record
I had not released an album last year. This is the time it took to achieve it which I co-wrote eight songs with my brother Ricky. For me, this is a great first and I confess to having discovered a new pleasure: that of composing.

Her future
I do not see myself at thirty-five years doing the same thing. No children, no family. I’m only twenty-five years but I was already thinking about all this. Especially since I managed to compose songs. I tell myself that later I turned around probably this aspect of business, leaving perhaps the scene. I do not want to end up like a fallen star who weeps over the photos in which she was young and beautiful. My father managed to have a balanced life through his marriage with my mother and me too I do well my privacy. I wish I had a child at thirty. I’m not looking to become a star or a sex symbol Brigitte Bardot as was, for example. I love my job but I do not want to sacrifice everything.

Her family
Professionally, sometimes I fight with my brother or my father Marty I nicknamed ‘M’. But we always end up finding a compromise because we are not too dull. Mostly, it’s always me that the fas first step. I’m good at it because I do not refuse to give in. And, since we no longer live together (that’s three years), it means even more than before. I often see my parents at home or in their home located one hour from London.

Her ideal vacation
This summer I went camping with friends in the south of France, away from stardom. I much prefer a barbecue on the beach at a great restaurant in St. Tropez. That’s the holidays: let live and not be forced to watch all the time.

Her apartment
I live alone in a London flat that I managed to buy at cheap prices two years ago. I did a lot of work to develop it. I wanted to retain the character and have furnished with a mixture of modern and antique furniture found at flea markets. I also put big mirrors everywhere, not to look at myself all the time but rather to enlarge the space. In fact, the ideal would be to have a loft …

Her friends
I have many and not necessarily in the business. The proof: my best friend is a nurse. I do a lot of evenings at home and sometimes the girls are going to have fun and enjoy a drink in a pub.

La France
I love this country because it welcomes me warmly. I have many friends here and Guandi the English say that the French are snobs, it annoys me. I love speaking French and I never fail to do a bit between songs at my concerts here. My teacher at school told me I had a good pronunciation.

Her regime
I do not diet because I do not tend to grow. I must say that I do not have a big appetite. There were even days when I do not eat at all, I forget. The only thing I do is grow good wine, so I do not abuse it.

Her hair
True, I am not a real blonde but brown. And I have it dyed regularly. There, I need it, and also do some of my hair cut. Otherwise, never hairdresser’s, its me that every day ‘sculpt’ my hair with my hands, and … a lot of hairspray!