Kim Wilde: la blondissime!

Kim Wilde who received the award for the best female singer of 1983 is becoming more and more international.
If we had not heard her for two years, “Schoolgirl”, which she released in June, is already moving very fast and reminds us how talented she is. The year 1986 is a turning point for her career since she is no longer content to be just a singer and now writes most of her lyrics. The album from which the single is taken, which will be released in September, is the example and will therefore be the first to contain lyrics mostly written by herself.

In June, she promoted her record in France, a country she knows well since last year, when she supported the band Telephone, during the summer. This year, she returns to London until September, when the movie “Running Scared” comes out and she plays the soundtrack. She says, however, that in this area, too, she will no longer be content to be only interpreted and she would very much like to compose music for films.
Finally, for all her fans, Kim Wilde toured Europe in October-November which, of course, will pass through France. So, get ready!