Kim Wilde on love: I’m waiting for the right one

Kim Wilde has sung “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” to the top of the charts all over Europe and now finally also in Norway. But the “he” who makes her stand doesn’t exist. 26-year-old Kim Wilde is still looking for the right one. But she doesn’t have a bad time…

– Men, says Kim Wilde. – Men are important in life. But not so important that I forget everything else. For me, it is important that things happen naturally. I cannot but admit that I am searching for happiness and love together with one man. But since I haven’t found him yet, I’ll wait until he shows up. The stupidest thing one can do in this life is to sit and wait for love. Think of all the other wonderful things that you run past.


She’s not that purely unphilosophical, the pop girl Kim Wilde. She who in recent weeks has dominated Norwegian charts with the super hit “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. Which, by the way, is not at all a new song. Already 21 years ago, it was Diana Ross and the Supremes who sang it to the top around the world.
– Previously, I lived at home and it always meant a strained relationship when I had to bring boys home, says Kim. – Today I’ve got my own flat in North London, but I don’t really need anyone to share it with right now. Time is too short for that. Every single day is full of interactions with people, so being able to take a taxi home and relax in solitude is for me a privilege.

Kim’s only company in the apartment is a mini-studio and a wall of keyboard instruments. Gradually she has become a skilled composer. If you look at the cover of her latest LP “Another Step”, you will find that she helped write most of the songs.

Writes songs herself

The title of the LP indicates that it is a step forward for me, says Kim. In the past, I was at the mercy of what others told me to pretend. Now I myself want to help shape my career and sound. To be able to write sounds and at the same time be successful with them is a dream situation all vocalists wish for. Besides, it brings even more money, says Kim with a smile.
By the way, did you know that Kim Wilde’s career is something that occupies her whole family. She has learned most of the tricks from her father, Marty Wilde. He was actually one of England’s most popular rock singers almost 30 years ago. Today he is Kim’s manager, co-producer and lazy writer. A job he shares with Kim’s brother, Ricky. And his mother Joyce takes care of the purely business part.

Believe me, my mother is rock hard in business, says Kim. – A couple of years ago I had a bit of trouble accepting that my family would constantly be involved in everything I do. Today, everything is easier, because one thing is certain when the family is behind it, no one tries to deceive you. And in the pop industry there are plenty of robbers. So even though there is no special man in my life right now, I never feel lonely or alone.