Kim Wilde starts tour: does she have more luck this time?

She was born as a Scorpio (18.11.1960), but she is fighting like a lion for a comeback: Kim Wilde, english success-story since 1981 with a more quiet period in 1984 and 1985 (even a tour had to be cancelled because of lack of interest), comes back with a new album “Another Step”, a new single and a German tour (5.11 to 1.12.86).
After the single “Schoolgirl”, released in June before the album, Kim is following it up with “You keep me hangin’ on”. The soul-disco track was already a hit in 1966 in a version by the Supremes and was later successful in versions by Vanilla Fudge, Cliff Richard and Roni Hill.
But also in the matters of love Kim has found a new start. It’s a French man who makes her heart beat faster. There are posters of Christopher Lambert on the walls of her apartment, but that is merely to please her eye.
She is in love with a person who lives in Paris. He is tall, slim and has dark hair and he’s a big name in the French music business. She won’t tell us his name, because she thinks it’s too early for that.
The new love is good enough for this new flurry of activity. Kim painted the walls of her bedroom blue by herself, had golden embellishments brought in and put a kingsize bed in the middle of the room. “It looks a bit like an Indian restaurant”, she says, “but he likes it that way.”
Kim doesn’t want to talk about marriage yet. At 25 she isn’t that old, to get married and have children. But her career and profession go first right now.