Kim Wilde: “Success yes, but not at all costs”

She has been in the business for five years and has gone through the highs and lows of a career in music. Also when the blonde Kim hasn’t had the kind of success like she’s had with “Kids in America” in recent times, she is not frustrated. Quite the contrary, from the teenager star a self-confident, adult young woman has come forth, who is getting ready to release a new album and to add a European tour to her previous successes. Musik Szene talked to Kim in London during the tour rehearsals.

Is a big success a must for you, or are you also happy with less?
My goal is to have good success. The music is important to me, not being famous. The glamour is not for me, I don’t go to the hip clubs and I have no friends in the business.

The production time for your new album was very long. You have worked with different producers. Why?
It was the idea of my brother Ricky. He wanted to use different influences.

How did you come to work with Reinhold Heil from Spliff? Was it easy to work with him or were there difficulties?
Ricky got to know Reinhold, when he was talking with Nena as a producer. Reinhold is an absolute Fairlight fanatic and a happy person, he knows what he does and what he wants. Just like Ricky, whom I like the most, I loved working with Reinhold.

How many songs on the album were written by you?
Eight. One I have written myself, the other ones together with Ricky – the lyrics are all mine.

How do you compose?
I have a series of keyboards at home, a drum machine, some effect machines and a 12 track recorder.

What music do you listen to yourself, and who is your favourite at the moment?
I listen to a lot of pop music and also classical. I love Todd Rundgren, Paul Simon, Jenet Jackson – dance music you would call it.

What qualities should a man have?
He has to be free, ambitious, humouristic and independent.

Do you long for things?
No, I just have wishes. I wish for a big hit, because it brings a lot of pleasure for everyone who’s worked on it so hard.

What are your vices?
There are a lot of them, but I can’t think of anything right now. Maybe too little self-confidence and to little ambition.

What are your favourite hobbys?
Drinking red wine, going out with friends, watching television.

November 5 you start your European tour in Germany. What does the line-up of your band look like?
I go on tour with five musicians and two or three background singers. The musicians are Gary Twigg (bass), Jeff Hammer (keyboards), Richard Blanchard (sax), Matthew Latley (drums). The guitarist isn’t decided on yet.

Do you think that your new album will add to previous successes?
I really hope so. We have worked hard on the LP and I think it has been worth doing so.