Kim Wilde: taming the wild

It was 1981. A girl of 20 years released a single called ‘Kids in America’. The record sold over 2 million copies worldwide and ranked third in the European charts, setting his career. Five years later, the same girl released her fifth album and her thirteenth single. The album is called ‘Another Step’, the single, a cover of the Supremes hit ‘You keep me hanging on’, and the girl is Kim Wilde.

The album took a long time to be made and although it shows the talent of many people, it is the personal touch Kim made which is the most important. She wrote and co-wrote eight of the songs of the album. For you, Graffiti met Kim… Her little pout, her wild blond hair and her Lolita physique won us over, because if ‘The brown does not count for nothing’, I must admit that sometimes ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

Daughter of a rock and roll star and exceptional singer, how do you live music?
It is difficult to explain. Some feelings are so strong that the words fail you… The music is just my life. She rocks me from my earliest entrance… It is second nature, more specifically I would say that this is another way to communicate a first language in some way.
Music I live by it, for it, and through it.

With hindsight, we can say that ‘Teases and dares has marked a turning point in your career, and you got involved in writing for the first time, with two titles.
Yeah, you know it’s been six years since I sing. Gradually, you lose your illusions and your dreams. Success plunges you in another world, another reality. So you are looking to get involved personally with other things. Gradually you increase your interests and you can dream again… And when you sing, sing about what you feel. The music is in you, so powerful that it inspires you to write.

First you co-wrote many songs with your father Marty and brother Ricky … a desire or a just by default?
I decided to co-write with Marty and Ricky because I felt I wanted to write, but I was afraid too. You know it is not obvious. First, to be faced with a blank sheet to write down your thoughts and feelings, impressions. Then reveal a part of oneself to the outside world… you must have courage. Marty and Ricky were already more experienced with that.

A special message to convey?
Hard to say … There are times when … This is not propaganda. What I want is to encourage reflection. Sometimes you try to get a reaction. It does not say: ‘You must do this’ or ‘Do not do that.’ There are things you can not accept, we are human beings. People should be aware of certain realities and should not hide the eyes and make them think it is already a big step …

You’ve recently performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London, for a concert to benefit Greenpeace. A more active involvement?
Give money, support a movement … I consider it a duty to participate, encourage and assist any humanitarian cause. Greenpeace is a commitment that is personal and that allows me to go further.

‘Another step’, your last album. A change from previous?
This disc is the one where I invested the most, since I wrote and co-wrote eight titles, and I was greatly in this studio. For me it is the major change. On the other hand, there is an old saying, ‘You do not have to be different to be good. Being good is already remarkable. ” I think look not unlike each new album, but rather the quality.

The concept of your album?
There is no concept, but a succession of songs. One concept would be a rather rock side A and side B mostly slow. This would correspond to the ‘Day music’ and ‘Night Music’.

‘You keep me hanging on’, taken from the Supremes hit. Why?
This is Ricky’s choice. He wanted me to make a personal version for fun. I think it was fine.

As for ‘Schoolgirl’?
I wrote ‘Schoolgirl’ thinking of my little sister who is six years old. Her dream is to become a singer like me.

It’s still a little fuzzy. The title ‘Another Step’ is soon out as a single. After that I have some time for myself…