Kim Wilde: Telly Vision

Gorgeous Kim Wilde lives life at a hectic pace.

She flew back on Christmas Eve from a tour of Europe, Australia and Japan. On New Year’s Eve she’ll appear on BBC 2’s 86 to 87 Whistle Test Special. Then she’ll fly off again on New Year’s Day for a deserved break skiing in Switzerland.

Vital statistics: Born November 11, 1960, Chiswick, Weat London. 5ft 6in tall, blue eyes, blonde hair.
Early days: Left school with eight ‘O’ levels and one ‘A’ level. Year’s course at art college. Although the daughter of fifties’ rock star Marty Wilde, Kim wasn’t spoilt. “Mum got me doing the ironing and cleaning – she wasn’t a slave driver”, Kim says. “She just didn’t want me to become a bit of a spoilt, pampered, layabout.
Career: Six months after leaving college, Kim released first single – Kids in America – written by her dad and brother, Ricky. It shot to number three in the charts and Kim hasn’t looked back since.
Home: A flat in North West London.
Romance: Nobody special at the moment. “I do want to get married, but not yet.”
Hobbies: Cycling, playing piano, listening to music and keeping fit.
Ambitions: To write a number one single and a film score.
Music: Varied but a great fan of Holly Johnson.
Favourite actor: Christopher Lambert.
Favourite comedian: Ben Elton.