Kim Wilde wants to perfect her French to speak with her friend Voulzy

Kim is less ‘wild’ than ever before and has exchanged her baby pout for a distinctly more attractive smile. The air of France, where she now spends most of her time, seems to do her well.

“Yes, I would also like to settle for a few months in Paris.This will help me to improve my French,” she answers (in English).
Kim Wilde (her clip is on TV6 all the time) has also had a very scout holiday in the region of Frejus.

“I rented a van that I drove almost all the time, with friends, we spent our days camping on the beach and organizing barbecue parties, and one evening we even lit a big bonfire. all the young French people we met. “

And youkaïdi, youkaïda, that must change the crazy evenings enameling usually the life of a popstar.

“Right, usually I’m cut off from the “normal” world, it feels good from time to time to be part of the human race again…”

Back in “her” universe, the British singer, who will be twenty-six in November, admits “want to accelerate her career a little”. Her fifth album is called “Another step” and she did not, she jumped by writing now most of her songs.

“And I’m also going to tour a lot more than last year (Nov. 11 at the Zenith) I would like to have more control over my career, already I’m starting to compose, I’m having my musicians rehearse, I’m giving ideas for my videos, but it’s not easy to hold the reins when you have to give interviews, and go on TV. “

Fortunately her family is still there, ready to support the weak Kim. Marty Wilde (his father, ex-famous rocker in Britain) and Ricki Wilde (his brother) co-sign her tracks. It was even Ricki who convinced Kim Wilde to reprise the Supreme’s “You keep me hanging on”. Mother Wilde fulfills the office of manager of her daughter. As for the youngest, Roxane, seven, she is the heroine of his sister’s forty-five rounds, “Schoolgirl”!

“In fact, except in the work, we see each other very little and I miss them a lot, we all love each other.”

Kim Wilde does not live with them since she was twenty, she sold two million singles of “Kids in America”.

“As soon as I knew I had enough money in the bank, I bought an apartment to live and work in. I wanted to have my own furniture, my own table, my own chairs. gave me a lot more confidence in myself. “

A self-confidence that Kim Wilde finds today in France where she thinks “to be more beloved than in England.”

“And then I already have a friend here: Laurent Voulzy I need to learn French quickly because we have trouble communicating.”